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Hooked Up Crankbait Lure - Deep Red Craw

Hooked Up Crankbait Lure - Deep Red Craw

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    • Length - 3.4 inches long, dives 6-8 feet
    • Weight - 0.50 Oz.
    • Premium #4 treble hooks - oversized, tough and razor sharp
    • 3D textured body with 3D fish eyes
    • Built tough, built to last

    Our Hooked Up crankbait lures have everything needed to ensure the fish bite and make it to your boat.

    Life-like crankbaits, each with a unique textured body and 3D realistic looking eyes. Their design causes them to wobble and move naturally in the water, giving the appearance of the real thing. These lures will be irresistible to any fish.

    Internal rattles inside each lure will make lots of noise to attract and provoke fish. This is especially handy in dark, dirty or stained water, letting the fish know they have something to bite.

    Each lure features a pair of razor sharp, carbon steel treble hooks that easily hook in. These hooks are resistant to corrosion and extremely strong, making sure your hold is a firm one. Your catch won’t have a chance to get away as you reel them in.

    Made of quality ABS plastic, these lures are durable and tough. From bouncing off rocks and logs or being shoved in a full tackle box, these crankbaits will survive this fishing trip and be ready for the next one.

    Add the Four Corners Crankbaits to your cart and start reeling them in.

    What this means for you:

    FISH WON’T GET AWAY - Razor sharp, corrosion resistant #4 treble hooks made of carbon steel. The fish will be hooked before they realize it.

    FOOL THE FISH - Vivid colours. Textured, realistic body and eyes. Lifelike vibration in the water. If you can’t tell the difference, the fish can’t either.

    FISH WILL REACT - Steel internal rattles that create lots of noise. Attract their attention and get those reaction strikes.

    A FAVOURITE FOR YEARS TO COME - Built tough, these lures bounce off obstacles with ease. They are sturdy and reliable, surviving this trip and used on the next.

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